Braselton Urgent Care’s online doctors are taking house calls to a whole new level! Our patients now have the option to get urgent care for minor illnesses from the comfort of their home or office, or anywhere there is internet access. We can diagnose and treat many illnesses online, making health care EASIER and more affordable.

If you are sick and you just want to stay in bed, now you can and still see your doctor. If you’re a busy mom and the littles are sick, get excellent care from your living room. Can’t get time away from work? See your doctor right from your desk! 

What Does it Cost?

  • One FREE Online Followup for On-site Visits
  • $50 for Original Visits – applies to onsite visit fee if we determine that you need to come in.

Will My Online Doctor’s Visit Still Have that Personal Touch?

While nothing beats a one-on-one with your doctor, Braselton Urgent Care strives to make online visits as warm, friendly and personal as possible. We are committed to providing an in-office like visit during every online consultation.

How do I Get Started?

We recommend you get set up for your first online visit before you need it, so when the day comes, there are no worries. You can get seen in just minutes.

Get everything you need for your first online doctor visit here