Spring allergies are back with a bang this year and lot’s of folks are suffering when in fact, they don’t have to. Here are just a few tips to help you enjoy spring this year.

Watch the pollen count for your area and take action.

You can avoid the sneezing and dripping a good amount by watching the pollen count for your area. Some weather stations, such as the Weather Channel, kindly provide information every day to help you avoid spring allergies.

If pollen counts are high and you are allergic, wear sunglasses and possibly a dust mask when you go outside. And on windy days, find something fun to do inside.

Cleanliness can help prevent spring allergies.

After spending time outdoors, especially if you are mowing the lawn, shower and wash your hair. You may also want to use a saline nasal spray to remove pollen from your nasal passages. Put the clothes you were wearing in the laundry and do not wear them again until after they are washed.

Inside the home, vacuum, dust, and replace air filters frequently. (The same applies to your vehicle.) Avoid hanging laundry outside to dry, and use the dryer instead.

Keep pets and pet bedding clean, as pets can carry allergens from outside back home to you.

Take allergy medication according to your doctor’s instructions.

If you know you have spring allergies, talk to your doctor about medication. Yes, there are very good over-the-counter options. However, it always pays to be on the safe side, especially if you have health conditions such as high blood pressure. In addition, the right medications must be incorporated into the best plan for you and your individual circumstances, if you want to get the best results.

According to WebMD, “Antihistamines are the most common medication for allergies. Most of them seem to be safe if you have high blood pressure — but again, ask to make sure. Don’t take decongestants unless your doctor tells you otherwise. They may raise your blood pressure.”

If your doctor recommends medication, take it as directed. Don’t wait until symptoms appear. If your symptoms get out of hand, you may want to talk to your doctor to determine whether you are suffering from allergies or sinusitis.

Braselton Urgent Care Can Help

There is no need to suffer from spring allergies. We are open seven days a week and walk-ins are welcome. We can help diagnose and treat spring allergies, sinusitis and related symptoms. Stop by and let us get you some relief!